Alternate Routes

My good friend gave me a link to the site for Road Trip 66!  It’s a new app for your iPhone directing you on the beaten path. Note to self:  can a path still be beaten if there is an app for it?  Not sure.  Will conduct extensive personal research and field testing, and get back to you on this one.

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In the meantime, I see that the rapidity of change has once again beaten me to the patent office and the chance to make millions.  The same friend and I share a strange fondness for ornamental yard birds and their super-sized alter egos:  terribly improbable zaftig chickens  littered across the back roads of our American childhoods next to classic diners and abandoned drive-in movie theaters.  We have joked about plotting a road trip based solely on enhanced opportunities for sighting these pulchritudinous plastered poultry.  My imagined app would be a  kind of yardbird-watching flyway, easily downloaded to your handheld GPS device.  The ringtone whenever you were within ten miles of a ‘major attraction’ would be a the low clucking sound of a contented chicken, of course.  But wait, I believe that there may be  a wiki/website for cataloging these biddy beauties already.  (See: Roadside America or Roadside Wonders and many more.)

I am grateful that some enterprising armchair anthropologists with laptops are fighting the evil influences that threaten to erase rubenesque chicken statuary from our highways and byways.  If you subscribe to conspiracy theories, it is not much of a stretch to make the connection.  Surely it cannot be accidental that one of the major enemies of the chicken state in America is named Perdue (for the lost)?

This could very well blossom into one of my miserly eight ‘categories’ allotted to me by WordPress — where I might file other off-beat travel maps showcasing compelling roadside attractions that haunt the psyche and deserve to not be forgotten.

There is definitely more than one way to get there from here.  

Have a favorite alternate route?  Drop me a line, and we’ll see if we can stop by when we are in the neighborhood and/or post it for other chicken livered road warriors.


4 responses to “Alternate Routes

  1. Love this!:
    “enterprising armchair anthropologists with laptops are fighting the evil influences that threaten to erase rubenesque chicken statuary from our highways and byways.”

    This is my favorite big chicken 🙂

    • Dear Roadside Wonderer,
      I am grateful to all those who have gone before me. I liked your fave, too. This one appears to have been much photographed, based on my google image search. One has to wonder about the size of the fingers used to lick so large a specimen????

  2. Didn’t I see such an ornamental sight in front of Mountain View Elementary school many moons ago??? Oh wait, that was an Eagle!!

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