good old Quebec

queb5Monday, July 14. The Old City of Quebec, Quebec Province, Canada.  Viva La France. Long live the revolution! We enter the grand bastion of New France in this very French province on Bastille Day. Beautiful blue and white flags with their fleur-de-lis gleaming snap to attention with a breezy salute as we ascend the steps of the old walled city. We are bound for the post office to purchase stamps and prove to loved ones that we really were here on this day of days. David knocks upon the door of the French Embassy on the national holiday, hoping for some special souvenir for so grand an occasion. But alas, the big summer festival has just concluded and they are sweeping up the sidewalks now. We take in more of the local fare: a thick yellow split pea soup and a mixed meat and potato pie with a chutney of bright red tomato chow-chow and fresh beets.  Revolution never tasted so good.

queb2   queb8queb6queb7  queb3queb1


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