He’s a retired NASA engineer, she’s an older mom.  Together they have a nine year old son, who is ready for adventure.

DAVID (aka Captain D)  Like Captain Merriweather Lewis, David is the senior statesman, visionary, and fearless leader for our journey.  A retired NASA engineer and enthusiastic wheelman (cyclist), David hopes to travel long stretches of our route astride his 18 pound, 18 gear javelin road bike.

NATHAN (aka Lt. Dude)  Like Lt. William Clark, Nathan is a born naturalist, woodsman, and adventurer ready to don his coon skin cap and set off exploring.  Long before this planned expedition, the Dude commissioned his own Corps of Discovery, dubbed Troop Green Geezer.  Need we say more?

CINDY (aka Sags).  Like the Native American guide for the Corps of Discovery, Sacagawea, Cindy is travelling with her young son and husband, and serving as the group’s scribe and navigator over unchartered territory.  But she is no young maiden, instead she is an older squaw, whose wagon is definitely sagging as she nears menopause while schlepping for her family.


8 responses to “About

  1. Hi
    I have enjoyed following your trip. Myhusband is 55 and I am 48 and we have a 9 almost 10 year old (next Saturday); Our son is in the 4th grade, and I am really thinking about an extened trip during the last part of 6th grade, as we will be retiring. We live in Southern CA and are planning on retiring in WA. Should be a BIG adjustment, but our son LOVES the outdoors and has seen alot of national parks (every easter break) and has traveled more than most adults (started in Russia). You give us alot of encoragement, and we have a map set up in our playroom plotting our trip!


    • Kim, Thank you for your kind note. I looked for and found my own support group of older adventuresses with younger children when setting out on our unconventional path. It certainly helps. We do live in a small world, and there are plenty of other people like us whose stories help us battle all those ‘can’ts’ and ‘shoulds.’ You will find them on the road or they will find you. Please wish your son a happy birthday from us. We spent six months last winter with push pins and colored strings stuck to a US map on our wall back home. I ran out of space for post-it notes. We all came to enjoy weekly family meetings to talk about ideas for places to visit. During our long snowy winter before setting out, we checked out every video we could find on the National Parks and US history from our public library. We also bought Ron and Carol White’s book on traveling in an RV for a year. If you haven’t visited the FOTR- Families on the Road- site, this might also be worth doing.

      I lived in the LA area briefly in the early eighties, then spent time traveling back for business in Pasadena in the nineties. We will be visiting the left coast and So Cal sometime between November and December. Maybe our paths will cross. It sounds like our boys have a few things in common. Good luck planning your next chapter. Life is quite the adventure.

  2. Hey – we found your blog via the Families on the Road site. We’re a family of 4 with a 13 & 14 year old and have been on the road since last September. We’re in Idaho with our sights set on Yellowstone for this week. We’d love to meet for a cup of coffee if the schedules & routes connect!

  3. I admire your convictions and your energy to make your dreams happen! I to am an older mommy pushing 50, with a 10yo and 15yo at home. We are weekend campers, but I dream of spending a year or more on the road, learning about America, life, history and each other…before time & kids slip away. Your blog is wonderful, real, and inspiring. Roll on!

  4. Another older mom! I’m late 40’s with two in diapers, and a hubby nearing retirement and we are fixing up an RV. I’m glad to have found this blog, I hope you are still actively writing it!

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